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Heather Amy is the latest addition to the family. She was born at Lancaster Royal Infirmary at 10:58 am on Tuesday July 30th 2002. She weighed in at 8lb 15.5oz (4.06kg). Up to the birth, we'd had brilliant ante-natal support from the midwife-run unit at Helme Chase, Kendal. However, we knew Heather would be born with clubfoot, and so had opted to go to Lancaster so she could be treated more quickly.

Click here for information on the treatment.
She's developing so fast, learning new things every day. She loves singing nursery rhymes, playing with her dolls, playing my guitars and generally entertaining anyone who'll watch.


We got Furble from a rescue centre when we lived in Basingstoke. We were told she was about 18 months when we got her. When we moved up to Kendal, she came with us, via Briony's parent's house and Grandma's house (whilst we searched for rented accommodation that would allow pets). She's settled really well into the more open place.
She's a very affectionate cat, but entirely on her own terms, but I guess that's normal for cats.

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