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Geocaching (pronouned Geo-cashing) is an outdoor hobby that uses the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system.  This is the same system that car 'Sat-Nav' systems are based on. 

The basic idea is:

  • someone places a small treasure box (the cache) somewhere in the world, containing various bits of 'treasure'
  • they then publish the latitude and longitude of the cache, along with a description of the cache & surrounding area.
  • other people find the cache, write about their visit in a log book and maybe trade an item with something in the box.

Simple really!

The hiding places vary from pretty obvious, where someone without  GPS system could probably find the cache using a decent map, common sense and a clue that is normally published with the cache details.  Others are igeniously hidden, such as small magnetic boxes on the underside of a bridge.  Some require a bit of thinking, where the location of the cache is built up through visiting a series of small caches giving clues.

Its really good for getting you out to parts that may not be that well visited, or for discovering unknown areas where you live.

 We have placed our own cache near Kendal. Profile for Guanajuato

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